Friday, October 4, 2013

Been a While....

Wanna hear something funny? The reason I haven't written a blog post since July is....I forgot my sign in information. Yes, I know. What an idiot, right? I just couldn't remember my password OR my email, for that matter. I don't use this email address very often. I use Hotmail for everything, I just had to create a Gmail one in order to use Blogger. (Which I love, BTW) 

So here I am several months later. With, surprisingly, not a whole lot of new stuff to report. But, here's the dish....

I have come a long way with my classes on Canine Obedience. In fact, my average is 95 and I only have until March now and I'll be done. 

The table I had at The Bow Wow Meow Festival for my books was a flop. I sold one, but only to a fellow vendor there. I think she may have felt sorry for me. :(
The weather is starting to turn cooler now. I have quite a few backyard projects I'm trying to get done before the really cool weather sets in. That way, our friends and family can come enjoy evenings by the firepit with good company and even better conversation. :) 

I've been doing more lately with the local Humane Society. Currently we have a foster named Oliver. Quite the active little pup he is. He will be leaving tomorrow to head to his new home. I couldn't be happier for him! I am just so glad that I was able to get him from Animal Control and keep him until transport could pick him up to take him to his new home up in Pennsylvania. His new owners are going to adore him. :)
Here he is: 

Other than that, just the- dare I say it?- "normal" stuff going on. Work, animals, life. 
So until we meet again, remember my favorite saying- "Be unapologetically YOU". And do not ever give up or stop trying to achieve your goals. :)


  1. I have forgotten many a password in my time. I still have a myspace account out there somewhere, but I cannot remember the password to save my ever-loving soul to delete it. My middle school self was more tricky than I thought.

  2. OMG me too! I have MySpace too and can't for the life of me remember it. Oh well. lol