Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!!!!

Good afternoon everyone! Happy Independence Day!! I hope whatever you have planned for this Patriotic day includes fun, family and friends! And of course, safety!! Y'all remember that even though most accidents start with the words "Hey y'all, watch this!" doesn't mean that you can't be safe with fireworks! 'Round here, it's been raining for two days straight and we have rain in the forecast for the next three days, so they have cancelled any firework events they had planned. However, my hubby and me are going camping up at the lake, so we should have a really fun time trying to set up the tent in the rain and then staying in the tent all weekend looking out at the lake. Maybe we'll get lucky and it will stop long enough to get a little swimming and sunning in.....

I also wanted to give a huge shout out to my friends over at Sweatshoppe Publications. They have made my first two books possible and those guys ROCK! :) 

Speaking of things published, my piece, "Crimson Red" is in Nailpolish Stories Journal this quarter!!!
Check it out here!

Until next time, y'all be good, be safe and remember- NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU!!!!!

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