Thursday, June 27, 2013

Time is precious

  Now that my husband has gone off to the great state of Utah, and Idaho, and many other places his new truck drivin' job will take him, I am finding myself trying to catch up on reading, writing reviews, my schoolwork, organizing my computer files, and many other things. Part of the reason I hadn't gotten all of these things done before is procrastination. I suppose the other part would be I just didn't know how to organize my time. When my husband is around, I spend time with him in the evenings, as I work all day. When I come home from work, after cooking dinner, taking care of the animals, and cleaning up, the last thing he wanted to see me do is open my laptop and bury my nose in it for two hours. I am finding that as I am checking things off my list, there are new things being added. Where are they coming from? A black hole? Plucked from thin air? I can picture some troll-like figure sneaking up and adding things to this mysterious to-do list behind my back. I must set a trap for him....

Task Troll
So perhaps with hubby being gone for several weeks at a time now, I can catch up on some much needed writing. I have two WIP's (Work in Progress) that I need to at least get a few more chapters turned out on. I'd like to get some painting done in my house while I have the peace and quiet to do so....

Until next time, remember to always trust what's in your heart, you're never too old to start living your dream, and never give up on YOU! Oh- and if you see Task Troll- hold him there and call me asap!! 

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