Sunday, June 16, 2013

Greetings from Georgia!!
  I started this here blog at the urging of one of my very talented writer friends, Allison Hawn. You should definitely check out her blog @circusplatypus. She is hilarious, charming, and sweet as molasses! 

Anyhoo, a little about me- 
 I am BarbieSue, I write as B.S. Johnson, I reside in a not-so-small-anymore small town in North Georgia with my husband, folks and step-son. You can learn more about me and my published works by clicking HERE
Here I am- 

That's pretty much my daily attire- boots, jeans and a shirt. Except in summer. Then I'm barefoot 85% percent of the time. :) And a tank top, and shorts... This Georgia heat allows for that, ya know? 

Here's the kids/grandkids: 

And of course, because anyone that knows me knows I'm a HUGE animal lover, here's a pic for your viewing pleasure. :)

Until next time, Happy Father's Day, and remember to never put the cart before your horse!!!


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere BarbieSue!

  2. Barbie, from one Georgia girl to another, welcome! I look forward to reading your blog.

    1. Why thank you! I'm new at this here bloggin' thing, so feel free to slap me upside the virtual head if'n ya see somethin' gone wrong! Oh- and Howdy, neighbor!