Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veterans Day

From the depths he rises

Through the rubble he makes his way

He is tattered and broken,

Yet it does not deter his will.

Determined, he pushes forward,

Knowing he must move on,

Bleeding and hurting,

Having been through complete hell.

He picks up the child

Cradles it as if it were his own,

He cries out, not from pain,

But for the pain of the babe,

That it must have suffered moments ago.

He carries on looking for survivors,

Through the smoke, the fire, the debris.

Through everything he pushes forward.

Because he is a

My daddy is a Veteran. He served in Korea. He tells

 me stories sometimes of interesting, adventurous 

times that he had. He talks of men he was close with 

that never made it home. He talks of outrageous 

rules and crazy antics. But what is most important, is

 WHEN he talks. Because when he talks of these

 things, he smiles. Regardless of what he is speaking

 of at the time, there is a smile on my daddy's face. He

 is proud. And you know what? He's got him one

 proud daughter! And I am thankful. To ALL of our

men and women who have served, or are serving

 today, or will serve someday. I am free and will

 remain that way thanks to these fine folks. 


  1. This was very insightful into the heart of a soldier. (Your Daddy) Great Reveal Barbie Sue.